Torbay Theatre calls for Auditions for Quartet, a comedy by Ronald Harwood.
Director: Steve Wright
Audtions: 2pm Saturday 9th November and 2pm Saturday 16th November
Gate Theatre, Torbay Community Hall
Required Cast:
Cecily Robson – Female, 60’s to 70’s, prone to flights to fancy. Cheery.
Reginald Paget – Male, older than 65, quite staid.
Wilfred Bond – Male, older than 65, a bit naughty, edgy.
Jean Horton – Female, 60 to 75, elegant, aloof, used to being a star.
3 long time colleges and opera singers live together in a retirement village for musicians. When a 4th re-enter’s their circle. Can these former cast mates recreate their glory days for the upcoming festival performance in honour of Verdi?
No requirement to sing opera, but an understanding of performance mentality.
For a copy of the scrip for perusal, please email:
The audition pieces for those that want to prepare something are:
Cissy – page 24
Reggie – page 17
Wilf – page 6
Jean – page 21
If you would like to audition but you can’t make one of the advertised times please email
Production dates – 26 March to 5 April.
For more information please contact the director Steve Wright
Phone 444-7673 or 021978428 or

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