Torbay Theatre announces open auditions for its December 2020 production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA!  Auditions will be held on Sunday 9 August at 1 pm in the Torbay Community Hall, 35 Watea Road, Torbay.  Callbacks and further auditions will be held during the following week, at times to be advised.

As these are open auditions in workshop format, all auditionees are required to attend together at 1 pm.  We suggest you wear comfortable clothes and footwear suitable for movement.

There is no need to bring a prepared audition song, as we will want to hear numbers from the show.  Further audition material is available by clicking on the character names below.

Please download and complete the Oklahoma! Audition Form and email it to us, or bring a copy with you to your audition.

If you have any questions, please phone Graham on (09) 473 5454, or email


An initial get-together and read/sing through is planned for Sunday 23 August
Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons (times to be advised)
Initially, week-nights rehearsals will be for principals only, and the ensemble will be required only on Sundays.
Calls for these week-night rehearsals will be adapted, where possible, to cast availability.
Extra rehearsals will be scheduled closer to the opening date (after mid-November)


The performance season will be from 10 to 20 December, 2020.

Casting Requirements for Oklahoma!

We are looking for a strong cast of up to 30 singers and dancers aged from 14 up, with two or three younger children. Most of the ensemble, while not required to be proficient dancers, will be expected to move competently to simple choreography.  The cast will also include some specialist dancers who will not necessarily be required to sing.

All cast should be able to talk/sing with an approximate south/mid-west accent (except Ali Hakim, whose accent needs to be identifiable as “foreign”).

Lead Roles:

Laurey Williams 

A headstrong young farm-owner. She likes Curly very much, but doesn’t want to appear to be a push-over. 

Curly McLain 

A handsome young cowman – in love with Laurey, but wants to tease her into making the first move.

Ado Annie Carnes 

A flighty, flirtatious, not-very-bright girl who cannot resist any man, particularly if he “talks purty” to her.

Will Parker 

A hapless young cowman who is very much in love with Annie. He has a pleasant happy-go-lucky disposition, but needs to assert himself strongly to get her full attention.

Supporting Roles:

Aunt Eller 

Laurey’s aunt and confidante – a middle-aged, down-to-earth “mother figure”, who is also a respected community leader and stands for no nonsense.

Ali Hakim 

A wily “Persian” peddler, who is a shrewd salesman and likes to have his way with the girls, so long as marriage is not on the menu.

Jud Fry 

The hired hand on Laurey’s farm. Sullen, mysterious and dangerous. Nobody likes him and he lives a lonely depressive existence in the smokehouse, dreaming broodily of real women, not the pin-ups on the walls.

Minor Roles:

Andrew Carnes 

Ado Annie’s father – very keen to see her married off, and happy to use his shotgun to achieve this.

Gertie Cummings 

 Another flirt whose presence is always announced by her ear-piercing laugh.  Eager to find herself a husband.

Ike Skidmore 

An older cowman, and owner of the local ranch

Cord Elam 

Another older cowman – serious and self-important because he is a Federal Marshal


A corps of energetic and enthusiastic performers, capable of delivering a rousing chorus and a spectacular display of stage movement.

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