ACTT Nominations

Nominations for the 2019 ACTT Awards for productions produced in 2018 have been announced, Torbay Theatre has recived six nominations for “Taste of Honey”:

  • Best Lighting Design: Kyle Perwick 
  • Best Set Design: Anne Rimmer 
  • Best Male in a Supporting Role: Alex Eichelbaum (Geoffrey)
  • Best Female in a Supporting Role: Jacque Mandeno (Helen)
  • Best Female in a Leading Role: Philippa Mandeno (Jo)
  • Best Director: Steve Wright 

The full list on nominations can be viewed by clicking here.

Torbay Theatre congratulates all our nominees, the winners will be announced at the awards night on 16th March 2019 at the Crown Plaza, for more info click here.

Charlie and the Chocloate Factory

Torbay Theatre presents their annual Christmas Production, a Roald Dahl favourite – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, featuring music by Jonah Vakapora-Hall.

  • Director: Karl Buckley
  • Music Director: Jonah Vakapora-Hall
  • Choreographer: Claire Buckley.

Charlie Bucket might not have much but he has a loving family. Charlie lives in a small house with his parents and grandparents near the chocolate factory of the reclusive and mysterious Willy Wonka.

When Mr Wonka announces a competition to be able to visit his chocolate factory and win a lifetime’s supply of chocolate for the five people who find a golden ticket inside their chocolate bar, Charlie hopes to find one. Four have been found by Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt and Mike Teavee.

Is Charlie’s Grandpa Joe right to think that Charlie will find the fifth and final Golden Ticket?

Watch as Charlie, Augustus, Violet, Veruca and Mike get exactly what they deserve. Fun for all the family, at family friendly times with two matinées each weekend. Click here to book today!

Charlie and the Cholocate Factory Poster

Time for an Adventure

Justin West’s Science Fair project is a failure, He can’t demonstrate his time machine, because of a missing part, the gizmo. When his sister Nellie finds the gizmo, they go jaunting through time. In the excitement of Time Travel, Nellie manages to drop the Home Lever, they can’t get home without it and must retrace their journey through Ancient Rome, a perilous future period ruled by robots, and the Wild West.

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Check out our Kids’ colouring competiton by clicking here.

Time for a Adventure Poster

James (Jim) Murphy

It is with much sadness, we advise that Life Member James (Jim) Murphy, passed away on Friday after a long battle with cancer.

We have been advised by his family that his funeral will be held at 11 am on Tuesday 3rd April, at the Newstead Crematorium just outside of Hamilton (see map below).

MURPHY, James Harvey (Jim). Passed away peacefully on 30th March 2018 at home in Hamilton with family at his side. Aged 67 years. Dearly loved brother of Ian and Judy and Peter and Glenys and loved uncle of all his nieces and nephews and his late brothers Donald and Allan. Jim will also be missed by his many friends in Hamilton and North Shore. A service will be held at Newstead Crematorium on Tuesday 3rd April at 11am.

Published in The New Zealand Herald on Apr. 2, 2018


The Torbay Theatre Committee

Auditions “The Frogs : A Modern Adaptation”

Torbay Theatre are looking for young actors (aged c.15-25) and crew for their production of Aristophanes’s The Frogs : A Modern Adaptation by Don Zolidis.

Read-throughs/Auditions are taking place on Tuesday 28th November at 5:30pm, and Sunday 26th November at 7pm.

They will be held at the Gate Theatre (behind Torbay shops). Rehearsals will run over the summer break from late December to late January.

The play is a satire, a hilarious and scathing look at highbrow and lowbrow art, in which Dionysus, God of Wine and Poetry, attempts to raise the level of public discourse. He seeks to retrieve Shakespeare from the underworld and give him his own HBO series. Will Hercules, Jane Austen, and Charon the ferryman help or hinder them in their travels through Hades? And how will they escape after they are captured by a chorus of reality-television-loving demon frogs?

For more details or expressions of interest,

Contact Jonathan on 0277480828 or at or Daphne at

The Apprentice’s Quest

It’s that time of the year again – time for Torbay Theatre’s annual children’s show, an event much-loved by many Torbay families.

This year’s show, The Apprentice’s Quest is the sequel to last Year’s exciting Enchanted Cave Bring the little ones along to see whether naughty Geezer will ever make the grade as an enchanter. Perhaps Spike will manage to prevent Geezer and his loyal friends, Stacey and Trixie, completing the quest in time!

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The Apprentice's Quest Flyer


CLUB NIGHT – 8th July 2017

Club Night PosterCome celebrate Midwinter and shake off any collywobbles!

  • Gluhwein!
  • Humour!
  • Songs!
  • Sing-Song!


Please send Jacqué or Lynette your items – a title and who’s in it, at this stage.

Usual format: Get your items to us, preferably well in advance but at least by Friday Night, the Eve of the Club Night.

Be funny, be musical, be soulful, be anything you like, so long as it’s short – TEN MINUTES MAX!!!!

We may or may not be able to organise a rehearsal on the stage or in the Gate Theatre on the Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

The hall is generally open Saturday night from about 5pm so put your name down for a rehearsal between 5 and 7pm if you like.

Of course, as always, we needs LOTS OF VOLUNTEERS!!! both BEFORE and AFTER!

To carry bowls, distribute chips and nuts, fill jugs, set up tables, (not necessarily in that order!!!!)

and then of course, to re-carry everything back to the Gate kitchen, load the dishwasher, rinse bowls, wipe benches, clear tables, sweep, stack chairs for church next day etc, –

again, not necessarily in that order!

Last time we had a bevy of cheerful teens and other yoof who  made the task a breeze – could I ask for as many as possible to turn up early again, from say 6pm, or as close to that as possible,

AND! to spend ten minutes after the show to get it all cleared up – which, hopefully, allows a little time and energy for those who want to to gather round the piano for a jolly good sing-song.


Performers, audience, hangers-on, helpers – we all need to contribute to cover the hall hire and snacks.

We ONLY JUST manage to cover costs for these fantabulous evenings, so please make sure that you toss that little $2 coin into the basket.

(Of course, no-one’s stopping you adding a bit more if you’re feeling extra-generous, but no-one’s asking you to either).

AUDITIONS – Children’s Holiday Show

Will Geezer pass the test?
Torbay Theatre is calling for auditions for our annual July holiday production for children.

WHERE: The Gate Theatre, next to the Torbay Community Hall
WHEN: Sunday 4 June at 2.00pm
and Monday 5 June at 7.30pm

PLEASE NOTE: The previsuly advertised auditions on Monday 5 June at 7.30 pm have been cancalled

The play, written once again by our own very talented Sophia Burton, is a sequel to last year’s “The Enchanted Cave”, and will involve some of the same characters.
Geezer, now a reformed character, is on a quest, and he needs the help of Trixie and Stacey. Will they help him after he was so naughty last year?
Performances will be in the second week of the July school holidays, around 19-21 July.
Rehearsals will be on one weekday evening 7-9pm, and one weekend afternoon – times to be finalised with the cast. There will be additional daytime rehearsals during the first week of the school holidays.

List of characters:
Geezer – a boy on a mission. He is a reformed character.
Stacey – a girl who is persuaded to help him.
Trixie – an elfin creature who is also persuaded to help in the quest.
Spike – an extremely wicked creature whose main aim is to prevent Geezer succeeding.
A talking tree – could be boy or girl.
Guards 1 & 2 – could be boys or girls
Jewel keeper – girl
Craftsman – male (any age)
Enchantress – female (any age)

Plus a company of children. Other characters will be selected from the company.

If you would like to take part and cannot attend the auditions, ring Jill Reid 09 473 3095, or Daphne Goddard 473 7494


ACTT Awards Nominations

We are pleased to announce that Torbay Theatre has received 9 nominations in 8 categories for the 2016 Auckland Community Theatre Trust Awards.

These are:

Best Properties Design
Valerie Langford, Marigold Morphy & Raquel Morla – The Gondoliers

Best Set Design
Anne Rimmer – The Gondoliers

Best Lighting Design
Jonathan McDonald and Kyle Perwick – The Gondoliers

Best Stage Management
Emilia Burton – The Gondoliers

Best Female in a Minor Role
Niki Smith – (Vittoria) The Gondoliers

Best Male in a Supporting Role
Dragan Atanasov – (Don Alhambra) The Gondoliers
Robert Campion – (Rough) Gaslight

Best Female in a Supporting Role
Christina McDonald – (Casilda) The Gondoliers

Best Ensemble
The cast of The Gondoliers

The awards dinner will be held on Saturday 18 March at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.