Torbay Theatre calls for Auditions for Quartet, a comedy by Ronald Harwood.
Director: Steve Wright
Audtions: 2pm Saturday 9th November and 2pm Saturday 16th November
Gate Theatre, Torbay Community Hall
Required Cast:
Cecily Robson – Female, 60’s to 70’s, prone to flights to fancy. Cheery.
Reginald Paget – Male, older than 65, quite staid.
Wilfred Bond – Male, older than 65, a bit naughty, edgy.
Jean Horton – Female, 60 to 75, elegant, aloof, used to being a star.
3 long time colleges and opera singers live together in a retirement village for musicians. When a 4th re-enter’s their circle. Can these former cast mates recreate their glory days for the upcoming festival performance in honour of Verdi?
No requirement to sing opera, but an understanding of performance mentality.
For a copy of the scrip for perusal, please email:
The audition pieces for those that want to prepare something are:
Cissy – page 24
Reggie – page 17
Wilf – page 6
Jean – page 21
If you would like to audition but you can’t make one of the advertised times please email
Production dates – 26 March to 5 April.
For more information please contact the director Steve Wright
Phone 444-7673 or 021978428 or

Quest for the Magic Jewel

Tuesday 16 July
Wednesday 17 July
Thursday 18 July

The King and Queen of Batania are under a powerful enchantment.  The only person who can save them is Princess Briana, but she needs help!  Accompanied by two brave knights the Princess searches for the magic jewel which will undo the spell.  Along the way they stray into the realm of the Fairy Queen and her mischievous fairies.  Will the Princess choose the right door?  Will the fairies help her? And can she trust her knights?

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Join us for Fun and Frolics in Fairyland at Torbay Theatre these holidays! 

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We have a New Roof!

You may have noticed some activity around the Theatre in the week after Easter, with scaffolding and a hive of active tradespeople.  They have been removing the old asbestos roof, which leaked copiously during north-easterly storms, and replacing it with a brand new COLORSTEEL roof.

We can now look forward to many years of dry audiences, and freedom from the worry that the leaks will be causing an unsafe situation with the electrical circuits in our lighting grid.

We are very much indebted to the generosity of the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, and Foundation North, who between them covered most of the cost of the roof replacement.

Winter Double-Bill

In June, we present a Double-Bill of two very contrasting one-act plays:

Roses are Red

Written and directed by our very own Paul Topliss

You enjoyed Paul’s take on the classic Pantomime, Cinderella, that we
performed in 2017. Now he turns his hand at drama with Roses are Red.

A drama set in Germany just before the fall of the Berlin wall. Full of conflict and emotion.

Costa del Packet

Written by Anthony Booth
Directed by Lynne Davis

Four women arrive at Costa del Sol on a package tour. They find themselves stranded in a workman’s hut on the site of their hotel, which is not even constructed yet. Determined not to let their husbands know that they have been conned, they decide not to return home and determinedly try to make the best of everything. It is, however, far from easy!

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More info …

Auditions: Roses are Red

Audition Notice

Roses are Red

Written and Directed
by Paul Topliss

Sunday 10th March 2pm

Monday 11th March 7pm

at The Gate Theatre,
(adjacent to the Torbay Community Hall)

A drama set in Germany
just before the fall of the Berlin wall. Roses are Red is a real actors play.
Full of conflict and emotion.


Melita:  A New Zealand woman between the ages of 19 and 40

Alexandria: A Russian soldier of about the same age.  Must be able to sustain a Russian accent.


If you require
information or a reading copy of script
call Helen on 09 4144551.

Reading copies will
be available at the venue before the Audition.

ACTT Nominations

Nominations for the 2019 ACTT Awards for productions produced in 2018 have been announced, Torbay Theatre has recived six nominations for “Taste of Honey”:

  • Best Lighting Design: Kyle Perwick 
  • Best Set Design: Anne Rimmer 
  • Best Male in a Supporting Role: Alex Eichelbaum (Geoffrey)
  • Best Female in a Supporting Role: Jacque Mandeno (Helen)
  • Best Female in a Leading Role: Philippa Mandeno (Jo)
  • Best Director: Steve Wright 

The full list on nominations can be viewed by clicking here.

Torbay Theatre congratulates all our nominees, the winners will be announced at the awards night on 16th March 2019 at the Crown Plaza, for more info click here.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Audition Information

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
by Roald Dahl. Adapted by Richard George.
6-16 December 2018



Auditions: 2pm, Sunday 26 August at the Torbay Community Hall, 35 Watea Road, Torbay (behind the Torbay shops)

Call-backs: 7.30pm, Monday 27 August at Gate Theatre (adjacent to the Torbay Community Hall)



Director:   Karl Buckley
Musical Director:  Jonah Vakapora-Hall
Production Manager: Daphne Goddard
Costumes: Therie Bearsley
Set: Phil Davis



Karl has directed this show for Torbay previously, back in 1996 and is looking to bring new ideas and energy to it. He is a very experienced director, having directed 36 shows for a range of groups including Torbay Theatre, North Shore Music Theatre, Centrestage Theatre, Mairangi Players, Company Theatre and a number of schools.



The Candyman introduces the story – the story of Willy Wonka’s amazing chocolate factory and his incredible edible inventions. How other chocolate makers sent spies to steal Mr Wonka’s secrets, so he closed his factory!

Now Willy Wonka is running a competition – he is sending out five Golden Tickets for five lucky people to tour his chocolate factory. We meet the first four ticket-holders – Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt and Mike Teavee. Then the Candyman introduces us to Charlie Bucket and his family, who live together in a small cold house and eat cabbage soup for every meal. Charlie becomes the fifth Golden Ticket winner and takes his Grandpa Joe to the factory for the tour.

The five children and their parents meet Mr Wonka and start their tour of his factory. In the incredible Chocolate Room, they discover they are not alone in the factory. Mr Wonka’s workers – the Oompa-Loompas – are lurking in the shadows and may have taken a dislike to some of the children!

As the tour moves along the Chocolate River, through the Invention Room, the Nut Room and the TV Room – one-by-one the children meet their doom, much to the delight of (and at the hands of???) the Oompa-Loomas. Until there is only one left….



The main role is obviously Willy Wonka. Once he appears, halfway through Act 1, the show very much relies on him for pace – he keeps the show ticking along. Of course, there are the five children and their parents, who are all great roles – with not a huge amount of lines – but need actors who have the ability to stay in character and react in character while action happens around them. Of the acting roles, only Willy Wonka, Charlie and Grandpa need to sing solo (everyone sings the finale together).

The key to this show however, is the Oompa-Loompas. They provide the creative and magical part of Willy Wonka’s factory. They create each scene, interact with the children (and the band!), dispose of the naughty children, sing to celebrate the child’s demise, while changing scene from one room to the next. They must have a sense of humour! Think of Minions, but with a slightly darker twist at times. There are some minor characters with lines that the OLs can do as well. What the OLs do exactly depends on who we cast in these roles and what their talents are – if they can sing, we will find solo parts for them to sing; if they can do gymnastics or acrobatics, we will find opportunities for them to do that; if you can bring a talent to the OLs, we will find a way to use it!



Gender/age are suggestions only

Small roles may also be able to be Oompa-Loompas at other times


Willy Wonka – Magical chocolate maker (solo singing), large role; M; 30+

Candyman – Narrator, large role in Act 1; M/F; 20+

Charlie – A nice boy (solo singing), large role; M; 8-14

Grandpa Joe – His optimistic grandfather (solo singing), on stage a lot but few lines; M; 50+

Mrs Bucket – His tired mother, small role; F; 30+

Mr Bucket – His unemployed father, small role; M; 30+

Grandma Josephine – His grandmother, small role; F; 50+

Grandpa George – His grandfather, small role; M; 50+

Grandma Georgina –  His other grandmother, small role; F; 50+


Augustus Gloop – A greedy boy, small-medium role; M; 8-14

Mrs Gloop – His mother, small-medium role; F; 30+


Violet Beauregarde – A gum-chewer, medium role; F; 8-14

Ms Beauregarde – Her mother, divorced, medium role; F; 30+


Veruca Salt – A spoilt girl, medium role; F; 8-14

Mr Salt – Her rich father, medium role; M; 30+

Mrs Salt – Her long-suffering mother, medium role; F, 30+


Mike Teavee – A boy obsessed with video games, medium role; M; 8-14

Mr Teavee – His father, medium role; M; 30+

Mrs Teavee – His mother, medium role; F; 30+


Oompa-Loomas The workers in the Factory; possible solo singing, dancing, acrobatics, or anything else you can think of; minor speaking roles throughout the show; M/F; 8-88



The audition will be a workshop format. There is nothing you need to prepare, but you need to wear clothes suitable for movement.

When you first arrive at 2pm, we will get you to complete an audition form. The rest of the audition will be in parts and how long you stay depends on what role you would like to audition for.

Part 1 – Movement and Group singing

There will be some movement/dance to learn and we will also teach you the finale song to hear you singing as a group. For those only auditioning to be Oompa-Loompas – this is the only role of the audition you will need to do (unless you would like a solo-singing opportunity as an Oompa-Loompa, then you need to stay for Part 3).

Part 2 – Speaking and characterisation

For those auditioning for a character role (e.g. Willy Wonka; one of the children or their parents) you will be given a scene to briefly practice and perform.

Part 3 – Solo singing

For those auditioning for Willy Wonka, Charlie or Grandpa Joe (or an Oompa Loompa with solo singing), we will listen to you sing the finale song (taught in Part 1) solo.


Should we need to see some auditionees again, they will be invited to a ‘call-back’ at 7.30pm on Monday 27 August.


If you have any questions about the show or the auditions, please email the director – Karl Buckley – at

Time for an Adventure

Justin West’s Science Fair project is a failure, He can’t demonstrate his time machine, because of a missing part, the gizmo. When his sister Nellie finds the gizmo, they go jaunting through time. In the excitement of Time Travel, Nellie manages to drop the Home Lever, they can’t get home without it and must retrace their journey through Ancient Rome, a perilous future period ruled by robots, and the Wild West.

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Time for a Adventure Poster