Cinderella the Fantasy
AUDITIONS – Cinderella
The Apprentice’s Quest

It’s that time of the year again – time for Torbay Theatre’s annual children’s show, an event much-loved by many Torbay families. This year’s show, The Apprentice’s Quest is the sequel to last Year’s exciting Enchanted Cave Bring the little ones along to see whether naughty Geezer will ever make the grade as an enchanter. Perhaps…

CLUB NIGHT – 8th July 2017

Come celebrate Midwinter and shake off any collywobbles! Gluhwein! Humour! Songs! Sing-Song! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO COME TO THE AID OF THE PARTY!!!!! Please send Jacqué or Lynette your items – a title and who’s in it, at this stage. Usual format: Get your items to us, preferably…