Welcome to Torbay Theatre

We are a community theatre company located in the East Coast Bays of Auckland, New Zealand.

Our next CLUB NIGHT will be on Saturday 23rd November, so start polishing up those skits and songs, or just put in in your calendar and come along for an evening of entertainment from your friends.

We put on three or four shows each year:

  • One or two plays, generally intended for adult audiences
  • A July school-holiday production for young children
  • An end-of-year musical production in December

We also have three or four “Club Nights” each year. These are evenings when members are encouraged to perform a song or skit or short play scene for the entertainment of their fellow members in a friendly and supportive environment. These are generally very well received and a lot of fun is enjoyed by both performers and audience.

The best way to stay informed about these activities is to join our theatre, by clicking here.