Seeking-submissions-for-next-years-shows WE WANT YOU!

Torbay Theatre is currently seeking submissions from new and experienced directors for next year’s shows.

We typically stage 3 to 4 shows each year
April/May – a comedy or drama with a cast of 4-6.  It could be 1 single play, or 2 one act plays staged together.  Staged in the Gate Theatre.
June/July School Holidays – a children’s show staged and starring local children.  Staged in the Gate Theatre.
August/September – a comedy or drama with a cast of 4-6.  It could be 1 single play, or 2 one act plays staged together.  Staged in the Gate Theatre.
December – a larger scale (family) musical.  Preferably capable of involving as many people as possible of all ages.  Staged in the Torbay Community Hall.

If you would be interested in getting involved please send an email through to with the following information:

  • Who you are
  • Previous directing experience
  • What play/musical you would be interested in directing
  • A quick synopsis of the play/musical (a link to a wikipedia article will suffice if it’s well known)
  • Cast requirements (if not covered in above)
  • Details of any supporting team you would include (Production Manager, Musical Director, Choreographer etc)
  • Any other supporting documents that may be of interest (script if possible, or any information about the play/musical if it may be unfamiliar to us)

One thought on “Seeking Submissions

  1. My wife Bess and I would be interested in the staging of a large scale family musical that would involve a wide cross section of participants. We are both members of Torbay Theatre. Bess has retired from her previous position of HOD Drama at Diocesan School for Girls where she directed a number of plays and musicals. I have co-written five musicals with NZ composers Gary Daverne and Shade Smith. These have have been performed nationally and internationally with large and small casts from older children to adults. I have scripts and piano/conductor scores for all the musicals, all of which have professionally produced backing tracks for use at rehearsals and performances. Of my musicals we think the most appropriate would be Windust, a satirical Western story of a short-sighted gunfighter called The Drongo Kid. Groups include townspeople, cowboys, schoolchildren and bandits, as well as key characters of mayor, sheriff, school ma’am and bandit leader. Bess and I would be happy to meet and discuss Windust, or any of my other musicals with you, show you the scripts, photos, and the backing tracks. My phone number is 021 430 500.

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