Torbay Theatre Presents In the Belly of the Dragon, a family friendly adventure!

In the Belly of the Dragon, an original play largely produced by Torbay Theatre youth (teens & 20’s), is a fun show that tells the story of five people – a princess who gets swallowed by a dragon, and three knights and a squire who try to rescue her, but only succeed in getting swallowed themselves. What happens when an arrogant knight and a strong-willed princess go head-to-head? Or when four people are trapped with an aspiring bard whose talents don’t live up to his ambition? Will they escape the dragon? Or will their bickering keep them trapped forever?

Early viewers say “Bring your Granddad”

Written by 3 of our talented members Sophia Burton, Skye Kelly and Gavin Wells.

Directed by Sophia Burton

with Music by Oliver Burton


  • Emily Clarkson as Adelaide (a princess)
  • Carlo Bredemeijer as Geoffrey (a knight)
  • Lena Middlemiss as Ryia (a knight)
  • Joshua Burton as Quinn (a squire)
  • Oliver Burton as Maurice (a bard/knight)